Best Days In Life

You should probably still remember the day; you were dressed and everyone said you look so good muffin! You would feel like you are on cloud nine because you are dressed as your favourite cartoon.

Kids are little bundles of joy and a mass of attention seekers. They love the attention they get from others. It is also true that you would do anything to bring that smile on their face. When you do something so hard and if they love it, you will also certainly feel happy about it.

If you trying to impress a kid, here the important days you should make it so special that they will remember it forever.

Birthdays of course are the best days in their life. Everyone looks at them; they get candies and new toys. In school, all kids want to come with them to give sweets. So make sure to make your kids birthdays special.

Next is the fancy dress competition, they have in school. Fancy dress competition is not only for kids but sometimes for older kids too. These are the days in which you should get them the best but affordable fancy dress costumes. You should make sure to buy them, their favourite characters.

The Halloween party is the kids dream come true. They can go to so many people’s house and get different types of candies. They get to do their kid like but awesome tricks to people. They would be appreciated for their looks. Apart from this, they also would stay up so long in night, see this kids costumes.

But these happy moments changes as they grow up. They would not have time for their parents who had scarified their movie night for the kids to have a extra pack of candies. You should make sure that you have time for your parents despite you busy schedule. You should remember that if not for them you will never here where you are now.

They will scold you, they will shout but they are helpless in this situation. They tell it or not, they will miss you telling all about the school stories. How mean the big girls where, what did the boy in the last bench do. They heard to talking about your boyfriend. They wanted to meet him. Not because they do not trust you, they just know the world better than you.

They love you more than you could ever love yourself. They had stayed up the whole night just because you were sick. But now, you are all grown up that you forget what they had done for you. You forget the times they had been your support. In your life, only your studies, parents and siblings will stay till the end of your life. Everyone else will walk in at some time and walk out at the next moment.

— April 12, 2016

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