Change The Decor Of Your Home From Boring To Rustic

Rustic may sound harsh and overwhelming if you know that your home is boring. Fear not though! The rustic look is the newest and trending style of decor to a household and many are fast pacing their way in obtaining this look. This rustic look often gets called upon as the traditional but there is more to that than what meets the eye. Often complimenting colors for this look is using rich but neutral colors and needs to achieve the cozy look to ward off the edge in rustic. One thing that needs to bear in mind is that the rustic look does not mean brining the country look indoors. There lies a huge difference in the above two decor styles. It’s all in the texture that will be a part of pulling off this decor in your home. 

Let’s start with the bathroom

Avoid from been too boring by overdoing with the neutral color pallet. Subtle mix of colors will be compatible when working together for achieving the overall look. Keep in mind that this type of home decor is NOT limited for females only, this can be interpreted by men as well. If you have modern tiles in your bathroom, play with it by adding a vintage ladder that acts as a towel hanger which will draw attention away from the tiles. Keep the vanity area simple and at a minimal. Play with colors such as dull gold and copper to the mirror area which will create that authentic rustic look. Use wicker baskets for storage which will be an added use to pull of this look.

Moving on to the living room

Worn out wooden tables are the key for enhancing the rustic look. Keep things simple by only using a single table runner with vintage candles as table decor. If you are one of the lucky ones to inherit an old bond street clock, display it elegantly in the living room or dining area that will be an eye catcher.

Bond street clocks are vintage item that can surely compliment to the overall outlook that you wish to achieve.

Finish up outdoors

Place farm tables in outdoor spaces such as garden and back yard areas where people gather around. Farm tables give out that rustic vibe which will be useful for completing the overall decor of your home. Place potted plants indoors, more suitable if they are cement pots that is capable in adding a touch of balance with a bit greenery to the neutral colors indoors.

— March 13, 2016

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