Even if you’re Forty, You Can Still Party!


Turning forty is probably going to have different reactions in different people – it might be something to celebrate about to some, while some others might not even be reminded of the fact. If you’re in the former group, and if you’re worrying whether throwing a party is still considered okay at your age – then read on. Conversely, if you’ve just had one of your friends turn forty, and want to do something special for him or her – read on too.

No matter what your age, parties are something you can throw – and should throw if you feel like it. Why, if there are people who celebrate their 80’s or 90’s, what on earth is going to hold you back? Of course, you might not be in the mood for birthday parties per se – at your age, you might want to consider a more formal occasion, perhaps along the lines of a dinner at some fancy restaurant. In that case, you can make reservations at a restaurant (or rent a hotel for larger-scale events). Your 40th birthday invitations cards can be for both family and friends – or you can have the invitations cards just for your acquaintances and work partners, and instead have a more personal reunion with your family and close friends later on.

Set the party mood by sending out the themed party invites. Paper Divas can get you started with that. 

In any case, the next thing you’ll need to consider is the food. If you’re going to make reservations at a restaurant, of course, you can skip this step, but otherwise, you can decide on a theme and select appropriate food. Next would be the drinks – you’ll definitely be having alcohol, but are you going to for wine? Or even custom-made cocktails? (If you’re planning this for your friend, this is a good point which can decide how much your friend will enjoy the event – for example, if he or she is more of a wine-lover, go for the obvious choice!)

Don’t hold back – it is your birthday event after all. If you have anything you’d like to do, then by all means, do it! Also, if you’re a friend throwing a surprise party, you can include a photo slideshow of your friend. Make sure to contact his family and close friends in that case, and get hold of as many memories and turn them into an embarrassing and fun event – or even one which manages to make your friend shed a few tears! Above all, make sure to have fun and create a memorable event you won’t forget for the rest of your life (or at least, one you won’t forget for quite a long while!).


— June 13, 2016

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