Gift Ideas For Your Grandpa

If your grandfather’s birthday is around the corner and if you are yet to make a decision about a gift, take a look below as here are some suggestions for you. These ideas may come in handy for Father’s day or as a gift for your father and any gentleman. Whichever it is we say go for something personalized.

A Pen

Depending on the preferred brand you can get a pen with your grandpa’s name printed on it. It would be used quite often and would be kept by the side of the user, thereby you get a chance to be closer to your grandfather too.

A Pack of Cigars

Choose the right brand that your grandpa smokes, if he does smoke and get a pack of cigars. You also can put them in a cigar humidor with his name engraved on it, which would make the gift more personalized and useful. 

A Mug

If you cannot afford an expensive gift such as a cigar humidor in Australia, do not be disheartened as you always can go for something simple but of great value. A mug, for instance is an object that is used daily and if you do gift one, it’s guaranteed that you are the first person who would be thought of as soon as he wakes up to his cup of coffee. You can print it with a picture that recalls back memories and with a short saying. It would not cost a lot but would always be cherished.

A Spectacle Holder

All grandfathers or most of them do wear spectacles and a spectacle holder would be very helpful especially if they usually tend to misplace them. You can also get creative with it and have it carved the way you want with words printed on it.

A Musical Instrument

If your grandpa is a music lover or plays any instrument, you can get him a guitar or a flute or whatever that he plays with something printed on it to give that personalized touch.

A Wall Calendar

A calendar with a family photo on it would also be a lovely gift as a calendar is something your grandpa would look up quite often and seeing the photo would bring him immense joy.

A Diary

Though we folks may not use a diary anymore, it can be one of the most essential things for your grandpa. Get his name engraved on it and thus you’ve got him a personalized gift.

Note that all the above gift ideas are objects that are used on a daily basis or at least could be used often. Getting a gift that is essential also makes sure you are that you are remembered often!

— May 19, 2016

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