How To Shop Safely On The Internet

Everyone loves shopping on the internet. It seems like a much better option than actually going to a store in real life. There are so many deals and bargains on the internet that it is mind-blowing. There is also a huge range of products to choose from as opposed to at a real store. In addition to this, payment is extremely secure in the modern age and there is even one day shipping available from a lot of websites. If you aren’t happy with your product or if you never received it, there is money-back buyer protection as well as pretty great return policies for some retail outlets. In fact, shopping on the internet is everything that physical shopping hoped to be but never was. Now, even though it is true that online shopping is secure, there are still criminals out there who can’t wait to take advantage of clueless shoppers. The most common way for a thief to get your personal information is to phish you.

What is fishing?
First off, it is spelled PHISHING, and it is a cyber-attack in which a false site identical to the real one asks you to log in with your username and password, the same way the legit one does. When you do, your details are sent via email to the hackers. Whether the seller uses a secure, 100% safe Amazon shipping company or not won’t matter because you will already have had your details leaked and possibly taken advantage of. Now, phishing is a hacking method that is seeing a significant drop in its commonality. It is being replaced by far sneakier methods of capturing your data directly from your computer. Secret malware that can log your keystrokes and other functions is being installed on pretty much all computers without an active antivirus software. Now you don’t have to start panicking and shutting everything down. You can still stay safer than you would in a real world setting. All you need to do is take the right precautions.

Use trusted stores
When shopping online, there are some online stores that are insanely popular. These include Amazon and eBay among others. Try never to use search engines for shopping. The benefit of these trusted sites include things like a secure Amazon shipping company for delivery and more. While looking to log into these sites you can also prevent a phishing attack with one simple action.

Look at the address bar in the browser window (where the “” is) and search for a picture of a little padlock in the right hand edge of it. If you do, and if the URL says “https” instead of http, you are safe. The S stands for secure.

— March 9, 2016

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