How to Throw an Awesome Engagement Party on a Budget?


Your engagement party is a great day to get to know your to-be relations, friends and loved ones of your partner and most importantly it’s a day to enjoy and worth experiencing. With all the wedding rush coming up and the excitements that already have filled the air, this day can even double it and keep your guests waiting for another romantic celebration. So, if you don’t want to break the bank on your engagement party but still have an elegant celebration, we have you covered.

Cheap and DIY invitations

It’s still nice to send your invitation cards by post or hand it over to your guests. It makes your event more formal. So, if you want to still keep up the old traditions and cut off the costs that you spend to print them, check for cheap engagement invitations and in shops. If you have a small number of guests, then you can try making these cards by yourself. Collect inspiration from sites like Pinterest and also check Google images. It’s a great time to play and have fun with your creativity.

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When selecting a venue

Check whether any of your friends and family members on your side and your partner’s side has enough space in their backyards to have your party. These days, party locations can be expensive depending on the style and number of guests. Nothing is better than having space in your own home and backyard. Or check for cheap restaurants, bars and clubs that will accommodate you and your guests.

Be creative with decors

You can’t just choose a restaurant and then go and have your party. You want some decors to make your party look elegant and beautiful. Sometimes if you are lucky, the restaurant or place you choose to have your party will have the place decked for you in a way you like. Some places are already well styles for their guests, so you don’t need to make plans for decors at all. Check for places like this. If it’s hard to find then you will have to get ready with some decors. Either you get a florist to come up with some flower arrangements or DIY. Bring in some candle holders, lanterns, flower vases, and crystals for the party decors.

An enchanting party

Flowers can always improve the looks of a house, exterior and a party. When you are selecting flower decors try to be more creative and attentive to the colors. Colors like purples, pinks, and reds can make it feel modern, luxurious, and romantic. If you can’t find flowers in these colors, you can also spray them. Check for lovely flower arrangement ideas online. Also incorporate small like flowers like baby’s breath and bear grass; they are amazing fillers for your bouquets and doesn’t cost a lot at all.


— June 9, 2016

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