Leaving the Nest of Safety and Comfort


Reasons for Leaving Your House

At one point in your life you have to leave your home that you grew up in and go out to face adulthood. This may happen because your new work place requires you to move far away, because you just got married, because your college or university is far away from your house or because of a sheer desire to be completely independent.

Pros and Cons of Independence

But independence is not a fun walk in the park. It would mean that you would be doing everything for yourself. You would have to cook for yourself, do your laundry, do the house work, clean toilets as well as unwashed dishes and plates, provide guests with the necessary care and take care of yourself by yourself. Gone are the days when your parents woke you up, when you were unwilling to go to school out of laziness or sleepiness. Even the duty of waking yourself up, to go to work or college will fall on you. No one will nag you to do your homework and unless you really want to… you will leave your homework alone. As an adult, no one can say anything if you want to consume alcohol or smoke a cigarette. Adulthood and independence comes with pros as well as cons.

Work Responsibilities and Learning New Skills at Work

At work, you would come to handle all sorts of new equipment. You might be using printers to copy a thousand documents per day. Various office products online that have been bought by the company will be handled by you. As you start off working, in all probability, the company would require you to do most of the grunt work around the work place as the new employee, and you will be learning a whole new set of skills. Computer skills and technical skills are part of this process.

The Freedom and Exhaustion of College or University

At the same time when you go off to college, there you would be finally learning things you actually want to learn instead of the spoon fed information of a school. The freedom to express oneself as a adult can also be exhilarating. But the monumental amount of assignments, group work, individual work, reading material can be heavy to absorb at once. To get office and school stuff and furniture; just see this page

Here no one is behind you, nagging you to do you and you are responsible for your own life and your own actions. What you choose to do will define what you are in the future.

So leaving your comfortable nest for the first time can be a scary experience, an exhilarating experience as well as a worthwhile experience. Leaving also means that you are willing to build something new somewhere else; to become the king or queen of your own castle.

— April 18, 2016

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