Makeup Tips For This Summer

If you have been gawking at the different summer styles and trends coming in for this year, you must have noticed the makeup tips that most designer houses offer as well. Indeed, designers go beyond clothes to help you decide on how to accessorize as well as how to make up. If you look at the makeup trends this year, there are some tips to keep in mind. Whether it is summer or spring, there can be a mix of bold and pale shades in your looks to keep the attention on.

Bold lips

The main focus is on the lips with candy apple doing the rounds as the shade to wear. Many models are seen wearing the same as they flaunt the air, day dresses. This veers away from the usual tip to go bare on the makeup as summer approaches. This time it is a different take to be bold and cheery with red lips. To use this tip splash of red on your lips, but keep the rest of the makeup minimal. This will certainly help you step out in style with your kangaroo leather bag in Australia.

Varying eye makeup

There is eclectic blue shade of many models’ eyes on the ramp. This is definitely another new trend which will up the sale of blue eye shadow for sure. If you are bored of the black eyeliner, it will help you add a splash of color by opting for a blue shade now. This will certainly look good with pale summer dresses and add an unusual color to your eyes. Step out in style with nude lips, blue accents on your eyes and a kangaroo leather bag to match your style.

Going bronze

It might be getting risky to sun tan these days. With the increasing dangers of melanoma doing the rounds, you might as well depend on makeup to give you a healthy tanned look. With bronze makeup or blush on your forehead and cheeks, you can flaunt the perfect summer look. It can be combined with eclectic eyes or bright lips but ensure that you do not do everything at once. You could even keep it bare and look flawless in a white printed dress.

Other points to remember

You would be showing more skin as it gets lighter and warmer jacket. To get your skin the perfect look, opt for an exfoliating scrub every other day. Remember to moisturize and use natural lightening ingredients for keeping up the skin color. There are natural masks that can be made at home which help keep off the dead skin cells and help lighten up the sun tan. As a result, your skin will be glowing and so will you.

— April 4, 2016

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