Medical Marijuana And Its Fascinating Benefits

Marijuana is one the world’s most famous drugs that are being distributed worldwide. Marijuana is a drug derived from a plant named cannabis, which is also known as the hemp plant. It is mainly found in countries like Mexico and Colombia. It has played a major role in these countries as it lays an important role in their economy and growth of the country. A lot of countries have banned marijuana due to its in toxicity and harm to the health. But still there are so many smugglers who bring it into the country in an illegal manner. And a lot of teenagers get hooked on to it and go astray. The rate at which teenagers get addicted to this drug is so high and thus this alarms the government of the country to put a stop to smuggling. Thus they tighten security and make sure there is a thorough check done on all passengers coming into and going out of the country. There are so many ways in which marijuana is consumed. One main way is through rolling it in paper smocking the dried plant but another way requires glass pipes online Australia.

Dried marijuana is added into glass pipes and then smoked.
But then there has been a new controversial argument which has started in the United States. And this is regarding legalising marijuana. This might sound bizarre but the reasons behind the need to legalize marijuana will clearly surprise you. But they have still not made a decision regarding this as there are so many things to consider. Given below are a few pros of marijuana.

Pros of marijuana
Shockingly though, many scientists have found out that marijuana is medically important and now term it as ‘’medical marijuana’’.  Scientists have done a thorough research on this plant and have found out that it has the capability of reducing symptoms that are caused my diseases such as AIDS and cancer. It has the ability to reduce vomiting, nausea and pain. So scientists and even doctors say that medical marijuana could also be used to treat some diseases and are better than some drugs that the doctors prescribe.

There are so many people across the globe that are suffering from certain diseases and their families have now voice out and told the government f the country to legalise medical marijuana. And so many officials say and assure that medical marijuana will not be available in the market for people but it will be available for doctors. But the how far can we trust these officials? Will the teenagers of our country fall pray if medical marijuana is legalised? These are the only questions that are holding the government from making their decision.

— June 15, 2016

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