Mistakes You Must Not Make After A New Piercing

If you are terrified of getting a piercing, then you need to understand that the worst is yet to come. Although the process might be a painful one, do know that an infected bully button wound can hurt much worse. Therefore, it is important for you to take care of yourself during this period. Although the piercer will tell you what to do, he or she might not inform you about the things that you shouldn’t do. Therefore, take a look at the following and make sure to stay away from them.

Don’t Play With It

Yes, it can be quite tempting. However, you need to keep your hands away from it as much as you can. If you want the healing process to move much faster, you must immediately stop touching it. Sometimes, you might start toying with it when you are reading a book or watching television. Such subconscious efforts need to be avoided as much as possible too. Therefore, make sure to keep your hands away. If you do not, it can cause trauma to the injury. 

Avoid Hair Treatments

Until the wound heals, stop messing around with your hair. It best to keep it tied up all the time, at least until you heal fully. When you purchase helix piercing jewellery, you must make sure to keep your hair tied when youare wearing them. If your messed up hair gets stuck on these rings, it can cause a great deal pain and might even worsen the infection. Therefore, it is highly important for you to take control over your hair during this process. 

Do not remove the Jewellery

Once you purchase the belly button rings Australia, you need to wear them immediately. Do not keep removing them since the hole can close up pretty fast. Although you might want to keep changing the jewelleryevery once in a while, it is best to keep something on for a long time. If you keep changing the jewellery at the beginning, the wound will not have time to heal. 

Don’t Sleep on It

When getting a piercing, think about the side on which you sleep. For instance, if you sleep on your side, you need to careful about getting it on your ear. If you get this on the side that you usually sleep on, it can lead to serious consequences. For instance, you will experience discomfort in bed which can lead to loss of sleep. This can affect your immune system and thereby reduce your healing speed.

Avoiding these behaviors will not only enable you to avoid an unnecessary amount of pain, but they will also enable your wound to heal much faster.

— July 15, 2016

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