Planning Your Pantry

Planning a kitchen is easier, than planning what goes in a panty. But the pantry is an essential space in any house that functions in different ways for different occasions. If can also function as a mini kitchen, keeping aside all the cooking and the washing, but function as laying out food, having some cocktails, catching up a quick meal or piling up some cutlery and crockery. The panty is multifunctional, therefore, when interiorly planning your pantry is important to ensure that we have certain elements ready and installed to go, that can work in many ways. 

A bar top

You can always add a bar top to your pantry, which not only gives an elegant look but also invites smaller crowds to gather around. At small gatherings of friend and families you can always use this to lay out food, sit around and have a drink, lay out some plates for dinner, decorate it seasonally and much more. You can also decorate this bar top with a hanging rack full of bar utensils and other accessories’. When planning your pantry, you can also consider installing wine fridges, as it is a space that is multifunctional.

Sometimes if you have a separate bar space, you might not be always able to accommodate one there, but the pantry fits best to install wine fridge’s as it serves the daily purpose of grabbing a bottle of wine or for a special function.

Storing cupboards

Planning to install storing cupboards in the pantry is essential. This doubles up storage space for kitchen supplies and other equipment that can use some extra space. These cupboards need to be planned in advance, so that the right materials can be used to build them and thereafter be installed. Storing cupboards can also function as storing all expensive china, cutlery, napkins, tableware, party ware and so forth. The pantry adds a lot of color to a house and the same time best to add more storage space. Click this link if you are looking for hanging egg chair.

Extra stove and sink

It’s always good to have an extra stove and a sink in house for any purpose. If your cleaning company is busy getting your kitchen cleaned up and you want to warm up some cold food or want to finish some of your washing, adding an extra stove and a sink in the pantry, can serve the purpose. At times of emergencies where you need to cook extra or wash a lot of china after a function, this stove and sink can come in handy. When having small gatherings, you can always direct your guest to wash their hands at the pantry sink, rather than having them come all the way to kitchen. It’s multifunctional and if you have planned your pantry well enough, it adds so much value to your house as much as it is purposeful.

— May 30, 2016

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