Setting Up An Events Management Company

If you are generally very good at planning out and hosting small events such as children’s first birthday parties, adult birthday parties and office events you might want to consider starting up your own little party planning or event management company. The great thing about an event such as this is that you will not need to invest too much money as a primary investment in to the company at the beginning and may even start from scratch. You will want to start very small by beginning with children’s parties such as first birthday parties. The parties you plan do not have to be too grand, you may instead focus on creativity. Of course, you will need to have some contacts that you can work with as your partners such as a birthday cake maker and someone who can create birthday party decorations and party masks Sydney. In addition to this, you will want to have a baker on hand who can create some creative themed birthday treats at a low cost.

Marketing your new business
The first thing you will need to do is to let your friends and other potential customers know that your business exists. In order to do this, you will need to create a portfolio of birthday parties that you have already planned.  You can either start out by offering to do some party wigs australia at a very low cost or you may even offer to do some birthday parties of friends and relatives absolutely free of charge in exchange for being able to use the photographs of the party to promote your new party planning business.

You can have the host of the party pay for any costs involved such as the birthday party decorations, the party masks and the catering while you offer your own party planning services free of charge. This way, you will not be making a loss. You will then need to create a Facebook, a Twitter and an Instagram account where you will be able to share pictures of this party to promote your own business. While doing this, you might want to offer a free birthday party to a potential customer that will be sponsored by yourself and your suppliers in a competition in order to spread the word about your new party planning business to your new potential clientele. You can do this by having a Facebook competition where your potential clients “like and share” your posts to stand a chance to win a free birthday party for the child.

— March 2, 2016

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