Snowman The Melting Man Who Freezes


During winter, the weather is very cold. People wear jackets, trousers, sweaters, gloves, mufflers, boots and many other woollen clothes to protect themselves from the cold. In some places during winter it snows as well. When it snows children like to play in the snow and build snowmen. Just as much as fun people have there are times when people have difficulties when it snows or fogs.

Trouble with snow

Sometimes during winter when it snows, it keeps snowing for days. Sometimes the snow blocks the road and the pathways in such a way that people cannot walk or go on their vehicles. The thick snow covers the roads and the parked vehicles overnight. So people have to use shovels to dig the snow out of the roads to make their way and remove snow off their cars so they can use them. Sometimes the snow is so much that no matter how much they try to remove it, it gets covered up again. In these extreme cases holidays are declared in schools and offices as people are unable to travel. People stay back at home and use heaters, fire places and consume hot beverages.

Trouble with fog

Some countries and places experience cold weather every day. And it gets a little warmer during the day. Though there is no snow, it is however extremely cold. This is either because the country is located in a certain part of the globe or because the places are on top of mountains. Another weather condition faced by people is the fog. It happens during winter season and when the climate is cold. When fog happens it feels like a cloud is covering the place. Sometimes the fog is so thick that people on the road cannot see, and also drivers cannot see the road and other vehicles. Mostly there is fog at night or early in the mornings, so it is quiet dark. There are many road accidents and cases such as vehicles going off track or falling off hills. A good solution for vehicles when going through areas with fog or conditions, where it is dark, and where there are chances that the usual light cannot provide enough light, is to use automotive spot lights. This would give enough light to signal other vehicles, that another vehicle is approaching.

Weather issues

Snow and fog are not the only ways that harm could occur to people. Even heavy rains could cause floods, landslides and even destroy the lands. Similarly winds could also do a lot of damage if there is a storm, hurricane or cyclone. However snow and fog just as much as interesting they are can also be highly dangerous. It is always good to take proper care and precautions when these conditions are in its extreme forms. And it is always good to be safe home without driving or travelling during fog especially if it is in mountain regions, as people might not be able to see the turns they need to take due to the fog.

— April 26, 2016

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