Tips On How To Buy Gift For Your Niece, Nephew Or Godchild

In our opinion, the children that come closest to your hearts apart from your own children, are the children of your siblings and best friends. Whether it’s because you see a reflection of your loved ones in them, or because that’s the way humans have been “programmed”, or simply because there are just too cute, it doesn’t truly matter. They come into your life, they creep into your heart, and they make a home there—permanently.
This being the case, when their birthday rolls around, it’s given that you want to get them something special.But it can be a little complicated finding the right gift, especially if they’re too young to be showing particular interests that you could focus on. Here’s are our gift ideas for birthday gifts for children and toddlers.
Birthday cards.Ok, so this probably should be the “companion” for your gift; but don’t rule them out. While birthday cards may not feel all that interesting for young kids, the value of them increase when they look at it after a few years. You can find beautiful cards for any age, and even meaningful christian birthday cards in most gift shops or even online. If you feel that the cards you find aren’t personal enough, or that the Christian birthday cards you find are a little too mature for you little person, try pulling out your creativity, we promise they’ll appreciate the effort in the years to come.
Educational gifts.Educational gifts are ideal because they help your favorite “little person” grow up a little more—in mind at least! Depending on how old they are, opt for something like building blocks or “fit the shape” toys. Toddlers especially seem to enjoy these.  Colors, clay (with the tools for it) and puzzles also make good gift for slightly older kids. Find out from their parents if they can handle it—better safe than sorry, people!
Toys are for children after all!You can never go wrong with toys. The toy industries worldwide have become extremely creative, and there are toys for children of every age group, from newborns to even adults. Just make sure to buy toys that are age appropriate. While most toy packaging come with choking hazard warnings if necessary, it’s still best to check before you present it. Wholesale church gifts and blunt toys work best for very young children. Opt for something more interesting, like a train set or a doll house, for slightly older children.
What to avoid.Try to avoid buying toys that have too many pieces as children tend to lose parts of the toy, and it becomes useless afterwards. Also avoid toys that are too small, and toys that make very loud noises. While you’ll probably become their favorite aunt or uncle if you buy them a toy that has a lot of flashing lights and loud, unstoppable music; you might indirectly be harming their eyesight and hearing if they are too young. Besides, it also means you have a couple of annoyed and harassed parents pissed off and plotting your murder…!

— May 26, 2016

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