Tips To Successfully Consume Omega 3

We will not be surprised if you’ve been hearing a lot about omega 3 lately. When the health benefits are rumored to range from beautiful skin to longer life, it’s quite justifiable that you’re interested in learning more about consuming it. Though it’s quite true that most doctors, beauticians, and even fitness instructors are beginning to recommend it nowadays, it’s still best to consult your physician or health care provider before you begin to include omega3 to your diet.

If it’s a go, then we have a few suggestions to help you in consuming omega 3 regularly in your diet.

Through food.

Though we do plan on recommending other methods of in taking omega 3, consuming it through whole foods are our personal favorite, and we do recommend trying this before the other methods.

Eat plenty of fish. Research the types of fish that are high in omega 3 and try to consume it at least a few times a week. In fact, researches have proved that the people who live in fishing villages and consume fish regularly tend to live for longer. We’re guessing you know why.

Kidney beans, green beans, winter squash, mung beans, cauliflower and broccoli are known for containing varied amounts of omega 3. Try to add them into your diet regularly.

Also, it seems Popeye (the sailor man) wasn’t wrong in recommending that we eat spinach regularly. Spinach too is a good source of omega 3.

Through nuts and seeds.

Likewise, you can consume omega 3 in the form of seeds and nuts. Flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds are high in omega 3.

Just a tablespoon full of hemp seeds or flaxseed can up your omega 3 intake. Sprinkle it over your salads or add them into your protein bars to help consume it regularly. If you are looking for a store that sells other hemp products like hemp protein in Australia, just browse the internet.

When it comes to nuts, walnuts are the most popular source. Its best having it in its raw stage, which means it’s better to avoid roasting it. Have it in your oat meals, yogurt, or even smoothies regularly.

Through oils.

Many of the above seeds and even fish can be found in the form of oil for easier consumption. If you prefer it to the nuts, find out beforehand about the right way of consuming it, as the heating of some oils are known to change their structure. Mustard oil and Olive oil are also common sources of omega 3.

Through supplements.

Though this goes against are grain, we do understand that sometimes, there’s no choice but to embrace the shorter way. Regular consumption of supplements will help you up your omega 3, and it is also quite hassle free and less time consuming too.

We would like to take to moment to stress again on getting your physician opinion prior to including omega 3 into your regular diet. As benefiting as it is, omega 3 too has some side effects that vary from person to person. Avoid the discomfort by consulting a doctor first.

— March 16, 2016

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